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Thanks @ jarcuto
Tue Apr 8, 2014, 9:22 PM
your art rock
Sat Apr 5, 2014, 10:09 AM

What do you guys think of my new manga concept Fallen Angel? 

11 deviants said It's great continue !
6 deviants said Seems like it could go somewhere keep going..
4 deviants said Fallen Angel ? What's that ?!?
2 deviants said It's ok .. I'd probably like it more as it continued
2 deviants said Leave it alone focus more on DBSQ
1 deviant said I'm not to sure about it yet ..
No deviants said I don't like it

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Fir Llab by Moffett1990
Fir Llab
Originally Created this design for RyoGenji this character was intended to be for the back story to the league they were starting their group his name is Fir Llab . All I had to go off of was he was magical and could some what resemble Whis.. However when then plans fell threw I used the design and added the character into my story DBSQ..
The special he's in can be found here..…
Infnity Prime by Moffett1990
Infnity Prime
This is Infnity Prime a Super Hero from an original universe I will be introducing soon created by Myself and my Cousin

More characters from this universe:

Blue Phoenix by Moffett1990Multiman by Moffett1990Black Star by Moffett1990Zero by Moffett1990
Black Star by Moffett1990
Black Star
This is Black Star a vigilante from an original universe I will be introducing soon created by Myself and my Cousin 

More characters from this universe:

Multiman by Moffett1990Zero by Moffett1990Blue Phoenix by Moffett1990Infnity Prime by Moffett1990
                                                                         Fallen Angel by Moffett1990
This is this first poster done to promote the release of the Original Manga By Moffett1990 and Elyas11 titled "Fallen Angel" 
With the release of this first poster I have some news for you guys and gals that are waiting on the release of the manga ...
The project is already in full production most characters have been designed and the pages have already started being done however I have decided not to release it on Deviantart. I will only be uploading promotional art on DA. The images will all have the link to the site I will be releasing the series on very soon!

Long ago the gods listened to the people of earth and sent down a child made from their own blood combined, but the child was picked up and raised by bandits and became the most powerful and evil being known to existence. The gods locked him up for eternity and swore to never interfere with humans again. They made it forbidden for angels to get near earth or they will lose their wings. Hundreds of years passed and the story faded. When a young angel wanders into heavens forbidden lands he hears cries and voices, curious and unknowing of the rules, he tried to get close to earth but loses his wings in the process. A young boy, now lost his wings, cannot return to heaven. The boy meets an old man and a child, setting on a quest to do what the gods swore not to do: help the humans in their war against evil.

a few character posters I put together : 

                                                                  Fallen Angel Masato poster by Moffett1990  Fallen Angel Hyosuke poster by Moffett1990  Fallen Angel Daichi Poster by Moffett1990


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United States
My Name is De'Andre Moffett AKA Moffett1990.
I'm the creator , writer ,and Original artist of Dragon Ball SQ .
I do all of my images using MS Paint. Unless its a sketch :P I never bothered learning how to use other programs so MS Paint and a mouse is how I do it .... For effects I draw them in paint as well but then I use Gamemaker 8Pro to make them look the way I want like transparent have a glow etc .. after my images are done i shrink them down to smooth out the lines :D

I have two kids
and Im a erie metropolitan transit authority "EMTA" Driver

Any questions fan mail etc you can note me here or email me at

I do accept commissions by Nana-Beats I do not accept requests by Nana-Beats

Original Dragonball Fan Button by Brinx-dragonballSQ Crystal Black Star Dragonballs Fan Button by Brinx-dragonball



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Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
old out dated ... im ashamed of the quality lol
thesupremejoyner98 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder, why did you put your original south quadrant in storage?
shydood3 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
No your not understanding me and you are just being a brolytard (no offense really that's just the name given to broly fans ) your not logically thinking.

I'll break down what I said before. LSSJ is a form on it's own. Meaning IF broly were able to ascend to SSJ4 it would logically go in this order Base, SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ3, SSJ4, LSSJ ...

Broly does not take the power of the LSSJ and apply it to other forms that's not how it works. If that were the case he would have been extremely powerful at base in the movie and Goku and the others would have known it was him. You compared it to SSJG where Goku absorbed the power and made it his own but like I just pointed out this is not the case Broly can not do that. Which really doesn't matter because the LSSJ4 form wasn't created naturally it was done with magic from the Shadow Dragon. ( which is another stupid factor all on it's own ) with that factor the mistake can be overlooked but logically Brolys LSSJ would only apply to that form if it were to ascende it would be An ascended LSSJ but to call it a ssj 1 2 3 or 4 that it is not .. It is not the same form therefore that's not what it is ...

As for DBH you stated twice that it was a re telling or alternate story of DBZ which again is incorrect. It is not a re telling or an alternate story and here is why .. DBH is about an arcade game .. The events do not occur in the world of the living or in the DBU for that matter it is a video game. In both the manga and the clips that were made to promote the actual DBH card game it is clearly shown .. The boy runs with his card to play the game then is inserted into the game and fights along side the heroes yes there are what ifs and some new characters but it's all just a game it isn't apart of the DBU at all .. It's not a re telling of the story because a re telling would be the story actually being retold or a recreation of the same story we all know for example Marvel and DC re tell there stories to make them relevant DBZ has never been retold it remains the same. It's a video game nothing more it's not canon none of the special characters or transformations actually exist in the DBU. In the actual DBU Broly ( even tho non canon to begin with ) died he is not alive and he did not nor will he achieve anything above ssj1.. Do you understand now ... I know the concept of Broly going ssj3 and ssj4 are somewhat cool but they are not apart of the DBU in anyway. Nor do I find them to be an interesting topic of discussion. Anywho if you wish to speak with me from now on could you please PM me I don't like having such long post etc in my comment section
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Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Sweet lol
Son-Gokhan Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Thanks man I might do power level videos, you know on dbz manga like yours. 
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