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DBZ God VS Dragon by Moffett1990 DBZ God VS Dragon by Moffett1990
Here we have it Beerus VS Omega Shenron.. Well at least the way I see it :P hope you all enjoy !
I used refs for both Beerus and Omega 
Beerus from a scene of he and SSJG goku fighting 
Omega from a scene of he and SSJ4 Gogeta fighting

I drew this in MS Paint just like all my other images 
here is the line art incase anyone wishes to color it or just simply see how my actual line art looks :P…
here is the image before I added the final dark gradient over it and shrunk it down

IGNORANT PPL ON FB HAVE SAID THIS IS NOT MY ART :/ wont lie pissed me off but owell yuo guys know I did it 
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YuraofthehairFan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Now god Frieza can get a turn XD at the gt characters lol
electrolizei0 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
there were 7 gods? Beerus is the weakest of them all? :(
anyway Omega is just no match for him, a punch like that? instant death.
Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
There are 12 universes each have their own God of Destruction Beerus isnt said to be the weakest but that in some of the univereses there are beings more powerful then He and Goku ... Maybe Whis and his kid are all from a single universe who knows lol ....I agree tho Omega is no match for Beerus
electrolizei0 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
and by 12 - the story just goes with 12 universes ... or zones how i like to call them ... but if a theory of an infinite universe might exist ... wow
just imagine the fighters and gods there :)
Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Idk I mean there has to be multiverses inside each timeline thats where future trunks comes from 
MiToJu Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
shydood3 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
idk man I think omega shenron is stronger than bills.
Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Not I :P Alot of people fail to see it the way I do .. For starters DBZ:BOG takes place in the Z timeline not the GT timeline ( Yes they are diff timelines ) The events in BOG did not happen in GT . A lot of people do know this but they dont give it any thought. I can go into pointing out how they are alternate timelines but theres just too many ill name three that are HUGE. 1) Pan is OLDER then Bra in the Z timeline , 2) Pilaf and the gang are kids in BOG but old as he** in GT, 3) in DBZ canon ( manga ) People do not keep their bodies in the afterlife unless they are a hero or god but in GT the whole super android 17 saga goes against this "yes I know in DBZ anime people have been shown to have their bodies in the afterlife but that is again a flaw made by Toei and they are only fillers not actually apart of the dbz canon and defied Z logic" ... Now to my reasons as of why I believe Beerus is stronger then Omega. For starters Shenron himself shook when hearing the name of Lord Beerus. Then Id like to point out that he is "THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION" he was given that title for a reason he is ment to be the strongest foe in the DBU. Obviously just saying hes a God isnt enough but Omega is a dragon created from the dragon balls to think that his power could match that of a god is ridiculous. Lets start from the begining BOG takes place five years after the Buu saga. Goku and the gang have been training for the past five years as stated by Akira in an interview FIVE years is no laughing matter when it comes to how much a saiyan can improve in power. Yet Beerus defeated SSJ3 Goku with no effort at all probably using less then 1% of his power. He also easily defeated every Z fighter again still using little to none of his actual power not one of them could even come close to harming him. It is already believed that the ssjg multiplier is way beyond that of the ssj4 multiplier so as a form ssjg is more powerful then the ssj4. It took Goku to gain the powers of 5 other ssj and multiply that however many times just to be able to be on a level where Beerus could actually feel his hits and yet that still wasnt enough. By the end of the fight Goku had went 100% but Beerus never went over 70% ( which we can conclude by Whis stating its rare to see beerus us almost 70% of his power ) Meaning Beerus far outclassed Goku in that ssjg form. Goku said in the movie he was unsatisfied with this ssjg power because he knew he would NEVER be able to obtain this power on his own. The way i look at it SSJG form is around the level of SSj4 Gogeta. I say this because we already can conclude SSJG > SSJ4 BUT an SSJ4 FUSION thats a different story and it would no longer be a power achieved "on his own" ). SSJG may be slightly under SSJ4 Gogeta or equal no specifics there but that still leaves Beerus much more powerful then the both of them. considering SSJ4 Gogeta was WAY more then enough to defeat Omega I say Beerus is over kill. Lets not mention Whis who defeated Beerus as easily as Beerus took down SSJ3 Goku :P . This is just a theory but it seems more logical to me that this is possible. I know GT is OP but whose to say Akira didnt or wouldnt make his chacters even more so OP? I mean were dealing with GODS here in this movie not some run of the mill characters so of course he stepped it up by TONS Im almost positive the Goku in this 2015 movie will be strong enough to run threw all of GT in just his SSJ1 form  
lazerbem Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Shenron shaking doesn't mean anything, the guy is weaker than King Piccolo, Omega is absurdly more powerful. 

Being a god doesn't mean anything, Kami is a god, King Kai is a god, Kaioshin is a god, all of them evacuated their bowels against Boo

GT takes place ten years after Z, even more training. 

Beating SSJ3 Goku doesn't mean much, he's weaker than even Base Gotenks if you use power scaling. 

According to AT, Beers is a 10 to Goku's 6. The gap is not as big as you think in terms of the god forms. 

SSJ God is more powerful than SSJ4, this is true. Problem, Goku in GT's base form is stronger than Boohan. 

Beers's definite power statements are that a fusion wouldn't be enough to take him down(though Goku questions it before settling on no), other than that, he showed off nothing that Hirudegarn didn't do, only difference being Hirudegarn's tail was a weak point. I'm not saying Beers as strong as Hirudegarn, he's likely stronger, but it's something to think about. 

My main issue is that Goku's base in the beginning of GT is easily 800x stronger than his SSJ3 in the Boo Saga, that's a huge gap. We know this because base GT Goku fought Rilldo, who is Boohan tier evenly. However, afterwards, Goku gets much stronger, as his SSJ is able to somewhat fight Super 17, the guy who owned Majoob, who was able to hold his own against Super Bebi Vegeta 2. That makes GT Goku's SSJ in the Super 17 saga stronger than his SSJ3 in the Bebi Saga. It's a lot of boosting and then, even with his SSJ4 getting powered up to hell and beyond, Omega tanks his shots and wipes the floor with him.

Now, all of that is worthless, since Beers isn't given a comparison besides "he'd beat a fusion of Goku and Vegeta", which is very unspecific. Do they mean the Vegito that was shown, SSJ Vegito? Do they mean the much weaker Gogeta? Do they mean SSJ3 Vegito? It's not specific. Even worse, Beers isn't said how much stronger he is, he could vary from being slightly stronger to being a million times stronger. 

Beers has no real power markers to decide for sure
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